Keep in mind that we are installing a completely new fibre network – in the street, from the street to your home or business, and inside your property. We will formulate a plan tailored to your specific requirements, and you will need to agree to this plan before we proceed.


Allow an hour for this visit and we do need you to be there

We will contact you to do a site survey and discuss the installation process.

This visit will take around an hour and we need you to be at home to walk you through this process and make certain decisions.

This will include what we need to do to get the fibre from the road into your property and then to the FJB (Fibre Junction Box) where we will install new equipment inside your home/office.

At the end of the survey we will ask you to agree to the installation plan outlined by our technician and the positioning of the FJB. You will then need to sign the pre-installation document.

Our technician will also discuss the next steps in the installation process.

What is included in the fibre install

Included in the install are:

–  Connecting your property to the fibre network in your street via the most appropriate method

–  Reinstating all disturbed surfaces back to their original condition

–  Installing an external termination point on the outside of the property if necessary

–  Installing the FJB inside your property

–  Connecting your broadband provider’s CPE (Customer Premises Equipment)

–  Testing to ensure that everything is working

There may be additional charges from your ISP to cover installation costs.


Not included in an install:

–  Requesting another install option from the road to the property e.g. if you chose to remove aerial cable and replace with a trenched cable.

–  Electrical work to add additional power plugs - you need to contract an electrician to do this work.

–  Moving the FJB after it has been installed.