Equipment installation and testing

The final stage of the installation is the completion of your connection to the ultra-fast broadband network. We need access to your property and therefore a responsible person needs to be present.

This is where our technician will meet at your property and complete the internal wiring and installation of the new CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) inside your home/business as agreed earlier.

When we connect your CPE and set it up, it is highly recommended that all devices that will be connecing to your service are available for testing. i.e. phones, laptops, tablets etc.

Due to the vast range and age of various devices and operating systems, the successful interaction with your CPE could be unreliable and should be tested.

We are prepared to test your devices and offer recommendations on how to have all devices connecting and working smoothly. We will only do this on the day of connection as part of our testing process.

Should your devices not be available on the day, additional charges per call out will be incurred.

We will ask you to confirm that you are satisfied with the installation by signing the Post-installation document, before we leave you to start enjoying the benefits of ultra-fast broadband!