our consent form

You may need to obtain permission from certain people for us to install fibre into your home or office.


We require consent before installing UFB to:

–  Access the property so we can assess what work needs to be done to install the fibre network.

–  Allow us access to your property to install fibre infrastructure, both in the communications room/guardhouse and wider building/properties.

–  Permit ongoing access to your property for future connections, repairs and maintenance.

–  Cover any potential install costs above what we contribute.

Owner occupied

As  the owner of your home or building, you do not need to obtain permission from anyone else.

Sectional title

We need consent from your body corporate before we can install fibre into the complex and then into your property, whether it’s commercial, residential or multi-use.


Estates are generally controlled by a body of directors. Permission will need to be obtained from this controlling body.

Apartments or office buildings

Apartment buildings, retirement homes or gated communities also require permission from an owner or body corporate.

Right of way properties (shared driveway)

Rights of way are properties which are accessed via a shared driveway. A cross lease is where there is a piece of land owned by multiple parties in undivided shares.

Consent means that all your neighbours need to agreed to us deploying fibre along the access way and give us permission to access in the future for maintenance, repairs and to connect other users.


If you are renting your home or office, consent needs to be obtained from the owner of the property. If that property then falls into one of the above listed scenarios, permission will then need to be granted from the relevant controlling body.

Consent process

You can download our consent form from this site, and this form will need to be signed by all relevant parties as discussed before.

We can help you obtain this consent by explaining the process and various options for installation to everyone who needs to sign. You may need to be involved with arranging meetings for presentations etc, or you may need to forward our supporting documentation to all the relevant parties.

Let us know where we can be of assistance in this process.