Fibre in your street

Bringing the new UFB fibre network to your street and your home or business is a big job.

We are building a new fibre network from scratch. To get the fibre to your street, we’ll use existing infrastructure wherever possible but we may also need to install new.

We may need to dig or drill along your street to install.

While the work in an area will depend on factors like the current infrastructure and the local ground conditions, the typical stages are:

Preparation: you’ll see our teams scoping and planning the work and marking where underground services.

Laying infrastructure: while this is happening you’ll see a lot of vehicles and equipment, and people working in your street – we apologise if there are times when you’re inconvenienced and really appreciate your patience. We’ll aim to keep this work phase as short as possible, to minimise disruption.

Reinstating: when we’ve finished in your street we’ll do an initial tidy-up to remove hazards, for example filling in trenches. Any ground that’s been disturbed during our work will be reinstated to appropriate standards. This may happen a few weeks after the work has been completed.

Finalising and testing: With the infrastructure in the street we’re nearly done – but not quite. We’ll still need to complete our work in your local exchange, connect the new fibre into our wider network and test to ensure our service meets quality standards.

When we arrive at your street to install the new network it can be disruptive to both residents and businesses.

We may need to dig trenches or place aerial cables. We may block footpaths or roads, or request that cars are moved from the street and residents’ driveways.

We will let you know when we are coming

We send out letters to let you know we are coming. Keep an eye out in your letterbox.

Your street's ahead


















You will get a letter giving you a heads up that we are on our way and a brochure letting you know what to expect while we are in your street.


Street signs will appear

We put up street signs to give you a rough idea of when we will turn up and the target date for completion.

We’ll let you know when you can connect

When we are finished we will tidy up your street and move on to the next location. We do still need to do some work at the exchange and we need to thoroughly test the new network.

Getting your home or business connected to fibre

Call your TT Connect Approved ISP who will confirm fibre is available. We will then arrange an appointment to discuss the installation process including getting fibre from the street to your property and into your home or business.