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Fibre to the business (FTTB)

UFB for business

Businesses that embrace the power of internet enjoy strong growth. Cost savings and increased revenues lead to higher profitability, and opportunites once exclusive to big enterprise, are now available to small and medium businesses.

Research shows connected businesses are more likely to export and create new jobs. Being better connected to your community, your customers, the courntry, and the world is essential today’s business world. With fibre offering internet access speeds 100 mbps or more, you can.













Superior broadband and more value for money

In the past a fibre-based data services was an expensive option for medium size businesses and tended to the be the domain of corporates. UFB brings affordable 100 Mpbs+ broadband within the budgets of most businesses.

You need to weigh the benefits of a business service versus cheaper best effort plans more designed for residential users. Business plans offer a dedicated services with structured support. Can your business afford not to be connected?













Talk to a TT Connect approved ISP. Once you have ordered a service, better connectivity has the potential to transform how your business operates and how you work with your customers and suppliers:

Better efficiency and productivity

– Capture and analyse data in real-time to help better decision making.

– Consult via video for better diagnosis and link systems to those of suppliers for quicker turnaround.

– Gives you the opportunity to consider teleworking for your people.

– Centralise resources by providing admin support, on demand,  remotely.

– Back up your data securely and quickly and get live video security footage and alerts.


Advantages of the cloud

– The software as a service model makes many cloud computing services affordable to small businesses.

New customers and markets

– Get to know your customer’s habits - where they research, socialise and buy online.

– Expand virtually beyond domestic borders.

– Teleconference regularly, daily if required, with your customers without having to get on a plane.

Working remotely

– Connect, download and upload huge files and access office tools over a secure business connection that can be delivered via a separate ‘port’ on your fibre terminal.

– Use ultra-high definition video conferencing to manage limited time - ‘present’ in two places at once without being there.

– Offer teleworking to workers who want more flexibility. This will also improve productivity, avoid travel time at peak hours and reduce office real estate. Your people no longer have to live within commuting distance or even the same city or country. Research highlights the benefits of offering teleworking options to employee satisfaction, productivity and retention.




















Working globally

– Capitalise on time differences by providing support or complete work when other cities are asleep.

– Reduce international travel costs by taking part in global meetings and collaborating with colleagues across timezones through telepresencequality videoconferencing.











TT Connect is the fastest growing UFB partner contracted to deliver UFB to over 62 000 properties – and thats just in the East Rand.