From the street to your property

Our install options

We have a number of different ways that we can install fibre from the street to your property.

Discussing the different installation methods that can be used to complete your fibre connections is part of the Agree process, where our team will meet you at your property for an hour to agree an installation plan before work begins.

Aerial cable

If your copper phone and broadband services are delivered via an aerial cable, we may install our fibre cable the same way. If your property has an aerial cable for power, then we may be able to install our fibre cable on the same pole structure.

Underground pipe/sleeves

If your copper phone and broadband services are currently connected via an existing underground pipe to your property and it’s usable, we could use this method.

Mounted on a driveway edge, or retaining wall

If there’s a suitable surface such as a driveway edge, footpath, curbing, retaining wall from your street to your property, we can mount our fibre duct to that surface, minimising the digging needed for your install.

Sometimes we’ll surface mount our fibre duct inside a conduit pipe where there’s a risk of impact or more protection needed such as for a school or where there’s multiple fibre cables needed like in a shared access property.

Buried cable in a grass verge or garden

If the route from your street to your property is a soft surface like grass, dirt or garden, we can bury our fibre duct. We dig a trench by hand and lay our fibre duct in the trench.

The trench doesn’t need to be in a straight line and can curve around trees and paths. Remember, the first 15 metres of ducting is included in the install. We choose a location away from high impact areas where it’s unlikely to be dug up.

We restore any surface we’ve disturbed to its original state.

Buried cable under a driveway or path

If there is a hard surface such as concrete from your street to your property then we can use machinery to drill or dig a trench and bury our fibre duct.

Drilling – we drill under the hard surface to create a trench to pull our fibre duct through. We limit digging to a pilot hole at each end of where we want to install our fibre duct.

Trenching – we have a couple of different trenching methods. We aim for the most direct route and take into account other utilities and ground features.

Availability of each drilling and trenching option is dependent on your location, condition and type of hard surface and where other underground utilities on your property are located.