Market focus

Research, Development and Technology Tesuco Telecoms places strong emphasis on the continuous improvement of its processes and products.


Tesuco Telecoms has a policy of collaborative product development with key customers in its principal markets and works with strategic partners around the world in order to develop innovative technologies.

Fibre - TT Connect

Last mile open access

We are investing substantially in providing the most dynamic last mile infrastructure solutions addressing both the fibre to the business and home markets. You are enabled to differentiate yourself within the market through our customised product offerings.

Dark fibre access service

Our highest performing service is DFAS or dark fibre access service. DFAS is simply a direct strand of fibre. It is data protocol and bandwidth agnostic. You then have the freedom to install suitable equipment on each end to create a connection that transfers your data with high security and reliability.

Layer 2  services

We have developed layer two services on a point to point bases, which address both the Fibre To The Home and Fibre To The Business market enabling you the ability offer your customers more choice .


Tesuco Telecommunications is an integrator of technologies, providing turnkey telecoms solutions and alternative power products and services.